what can a well-executed, custom design initiative by graff designs do to maximize your marketing effectiveness?

• GENERATE demand by conveying your unique message.

• POSITION your product or service in its ideal marketing niche.

• BUILD marketing advantage through brand recognition and packaging.

• FOCUS your firm’s resources and define strategy.

• UNIFY corporate, marketing, and retail package collateral to realize a cohesive statement of business identity.

• CREATE more productive sales presentations with customized marketing materials.

• COMMAND the attention of your audience with powerful design and innovative copywriting.


OUR FIXED-COST PRICING will save you money. Many advertising and design firms thrive on revisions because they work on an hourly basis. The more changes, the more revisions, the more profit… for them. At Graff Designs we believe that is a short-sighted way to do business. Our clients are provided in advance with a fixed-cost design quote. This means your project is completed within your specified budget every time. No surprises, no costly over-runs.